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showit template customization + SEO

This is an all inclusive package to get your new Showit website from helping you select a template, & brand review, to customization, SEO implementation & launch. This package gives you the option to do a little or a lot of customization to your Showit template to make it just right.  Showit website template customization doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. With my process it's going to be stress free to get your new website customized, launched and booking you clients.

includes 10% off your first years subscription for new showit users.

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Investment starts at $2400 + COST OF TEMPLATE

I can take any showit template you pick out and customize it to fit your business and your brand!

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Designer VIP DAY

Designer VIP Days are created for anyone that wants to get their website done... like today!  Hire me for the half/whole day as your in-house website designer.  We will customize the day to fit your needs. We can do anything from customizing your new Showit website & launching it to researching your SEO or screen share to edit your current website!

vip day investment starts at $950
3 VIP days available each month

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finish my website!

You're not the only one that has started customizing their own Showit website template, gotten half way through and realized you don't have the time (or want) to finish it up.  Get the help of a professional designer to finish up your website and show you have to maintain it in the future.

investment starting at $950

two - 60 minute Coaching calls

Up to 6 hours of editing time

Website Review

Get it done in one day
with a Designer VIP day!

Included in this package:

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coaching calls

Session includes a 90-minute video call where you can ask me just about anything! We can review your website from top to bottom discussing your design, conversion, SEO, calls to action, blogging or specific how to make changes inside the Showit platform.

the investment is just $350

The skin care lounge is a salong & spa in Washington. This project was already started when we connected. The client had already purchased a template (from another designer) and started to make edits when she realized it was more than she can take on at the moment. That's where I came in, customized her template and added SEO Kickstart to improve her ranking.

Joanna was a true blessing! I purchased a template with Showit and it was clear in under 30 minutes that I was in over my head. Joanna covered several areas during our initial phone conversation and in about a week later I had a PHENOMENAL site that really achieved everything I was hoping for.  Bonus: the wrap up phone call covered everything, so I feel confident with any edits that I will need to navigate moving forward.

~ Casey (owner at The Skin Care Lounce)

client showcase

POMp is a party planning & event rental company in ohio. their brand is whimsical and fun. this project was a custom website design with a 300+ item inventory system created through RWelephant as a wordpress plugin.


~ pomp parties

client showcase

how it works

Contact me for a free zoom Discovery Call. We’ll go over your project and decide which package best fits your needs.


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After you sign your contract and pay your deposit, you’ll be added into my design calendar.


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The first call we will have is a Design Call. We will go over the project, and discuss what you need your new website to do. You will then have some time to complete the guided content document and put together your photos & galleries.


Design call & homework

Sit back and relax while I customize your Showit website template. When your site is ready you will get a change to review it and ask for revisions twice via screen-share.


CUstomization & Revisions

When the revisions are complete you will schedule a end of project call, where I will show you how to maintain your new Showit website.


End of project zoom call

Pop the bubbles! It’s time to celebrate your website launch and getting more bookings! Don't worry, you have 30 days of tech support via Marco Polo if you forget how to do something on your website.


Launch with confidence


Ask me!

Have more questions?


Ask me!

Have more questions?

All custom designs and templates are for the Showit platform. It’s the best, most customizable platform on the market. Blog templates are designed in Showit for WordPress.

01. What platform will my website be on?

02. Do you offer a payment plan?

03. Can you finish customizing a showit template I started?

04. How do we touch base during the project?

05. Can I hire you to make website edits?

06. What about SEO? Can you help with that?

07. When can I expect to launch?

08. how do I know what services is best for me?

10. Can I update my website on my own later?

09.How far in advance do I need to book you?

Absolutely! There is a 2-4 payment plan option available for every project!

Yes! I love working with entrepreneurs that want to DIY their own website. I offer a Finish it For Me package to get you back on track. If you would prefer to keep working on it with support, I offer coaching calls.

Meetings are done over zoom, and most of our communication will be done via email. I create Google docs for all of my projects where we can expand on the website process.

Totally! If you’re needing some updates on your website, I can help you with that. I also offer coaching sessions if you just need a refresher on how to make edits on your Showit website going forward.

Of course! I love SEO, it satisfied the logical side of my brain. I have created the SEO Kickstart guide if you're working on SEO on your own to help guide you through keyword research and implementation.  You can also add SEO to any Showit template customization project.

It really depends on the service you book.  Designer VIP Days: launch the same day! Showit template Customization + SEO: 3-4 weeks. Finish my website: 2-3 weeks. 

The best thing to do it book a 20-minute discovery call so we can talk about your project and your budget and I can suggest the best plan for your website project.

Yes of course! Showit is a straightforward website platform, mostly drag and drop so you can update content, photos and links easily. I offer 15 days tech support and a zoom call walk through your website with any website design.

We can get started on your project right away. The beginning of your project will include some homework for you including content creation and image selection. Once that is submitted back to me you're put into my calendar for the following week.

designer vip day

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